Middle School.

Community Christian School offers an accredited middle school program, which focuses on the spiritual development, critical thinking skills and leadership abilities of each individual learner. In 2013 CCS adopted our primary curriculum, Bob Jones, throughout our elementary school. Bob Jones is a well-known and established Christian curriculum which integrates Biblical truth and academic rigor in each subject. Students in middle school experience a daily program of Bible, mathematics, grammar, reading comprehension, science, social studies, computer, music, art and P.E. Each class visits our computer lab daily, and makes weekly visits to our Library.

Teachers at Community Christian School all hold a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a Texas State Teacher certification. Each teacher has undergone countless hours of both academic and Biblical professional, ongoing development. These teachers challenge students daily by creating a student-centered learning environment, where the focus is on Jesus Christ. Students learn through hands-on experiments, field trips, technology and cross-curricular integration of concepts. Teachers use a multitude of assessment tools including classroom projects, writing portfolios and teacher conferencing. Each year, students take a benchmark achievement test, Terra Nova, a tool that is used to help both students and teachers grow.

It is the mission of the middle school program to equip students to walk in truth, embrace excellence, and impact the world for Christ.


Middle School Supervisor.

Macy Jackson

Macy Jackson


Macey Jackson worked in public school for 9 years prior to becoming the Middle School Supervisor at Community Christian School. Mrs. Jackson has a Master’s Degree in Educational Diagnostics. She is a certified general and special education teacher, and is also a certified Educational Diagnostician. Her current position involves being a Middle School Supervisor, teacher, as well as working with our teachers to accommodate those children who struggle in our classrooms.

“I absolutely love my responsibilities and working to help our kids be more successful here on our campus.”

Macey Jackson has been married for 12 years. She and her husband, Dustin, have two children enrolled here at Community Christian School, Lily and Eli. Lily is in 5th grade and Eli is in Pre-K4 . “My husband and I chose to send our kids to this school, prior to my employment here, for the Christian worldview of the curriculum and the character building CCS implements.”

“I love working for Community Christian School for the Christian and Bible-based worldviews of all subjects. Joining the Community Christian School family was an easy process because of the many selfless and loving staff members we have working here. Another benefit to this position is being able to talk about Christ and our walk openly with our students. I thoroughly enjoy helping students acquire or maintain that special relationship with Jesus Christ.”


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